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We are Jenny and Marco – somewhere in our twenties and hungry to see the world. For over 9 years we’ve been travelling together now and never grow tired of exploring and seeing more. Particulary these past years we’ve travelled a lot. We love roaming the world and are eager to discover every country with it’s individual secrets and adventures. We started our blog Highlights of the World on the XX.XX.XX. Since then, we experienced many things we’d like to share with you to make your travels easier or give you inspiration for your next destination.

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Our Highlights are things we discovered on our travels which are special in any kind. Beautiful nature, things you have to see, cultural aspects, unique adventures, exceptional events or other secrets you usually don’t know before planning your holidays. Aditionally there are many things which could lighten your effort (time, money, things to carry, comfort, …) while doing for instance your road trip or one day vacation.

If you need ideas for your next travel or help for a first visit of a new destination you’re invited to be a part of our blog. Looking for a specific packing list? You’ve come to the right place. Want to know, how we managed to travel to countries like Cuba with just a carry-on each? We’re here to help. How to see the world on a small budget? We have some tips for you, too! You like travelling and just want to exchange tips or stories with us? We’d love to read about that in the comments! And maybe we can share some secrets even you haven’t discovered yet.

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